FanTactics Dynamic Balancing

Introducing FanTactics

FanTactics is a Computerized Dynamic Balancing company located in Cambridge, Ontario (Canada).  Our area of expertise is dynamically balancing all forms of rotating industrial components, either at the customer’s facility or in house at FanTactics. Our vast knowledge of this specialized profession enables us to troubleshoot (diagnose) and problem solve your concerns and in the end, ensure that your equipment operates efficiently and smoothly.

Our motto is “if it spins, we can balance it”. We are so assured in our abilities that we would go so far as to not “invoice” a customer if we were incapable of dynamically balancing their rotating equipment due to our resources.

What can we do for you?

Accurate balancing is essential to the operation, maintenance and repair of rotating equipment.  Whether you are dealing with a turbine in a power plant, a fan in a chemical facility, an armature from an electric motor or a roll in a paper mill, all rotors need to be balanced as precisely as possible to ensure optimum performance within its application and applicable balance quality standards (ISO, API, NEMA, VDI, Mil).

Click the two images for more information about ISO Standards for balancing grades and tolerances.


Custom and Innovative Work

The industry dictates that unforeseeable (or foreseeable) circumstances will result in unnecessary and very expensive down times due to production failure.

FanTactics has encountered many incidents where they were contacted when all was too late, and waiting for suppliers to deliver is usually not an option, and some form of specialty repair is required to get up and running, due to very expensive down time while waiting for OEM parts to be made or delivered.  Having the knowledge of how most of these machines and components work, allows us to recommend fixes that are temporary but are very successful sometimes even as a permanent fix or upgrade to existing aged equipment.  It is vital to be prepared for these situations, with regular maintenance and an alliance (FanTactics) that can alleviate the stress of an inoperable system, and to get your facility up and running in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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