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Fantactics now houses four balancing machines that are capable of balancing from 1 lb to 25,000 lbs up to 16' in diameter and 35' in length, within our 3,500 square foot shop. We have two overhead cranes; with 5000 lb and 25000 lb lifting capacities. The internal clearance of the building is 24' high and 19' under the hook of the cranes. Our other equipment consists of tow motors, lathes, milling machines, welding machines and a complete set of precision measuring instruments. Our shipping and receiving area can accommodate 53' tractor trailers with a drive through configuration.


FanTactics uses Entek IRD equipment. Our balancing instrument is a 246 IRD Model, which can be utilized both in house or out in the industrial field. It provides an automatic solution of single and dual plane problems. It has shaft synchronous digital tracking filters for high precision balancing and is capable of printing a 'hard copy' report indicating the balancing corrections shown in weight units. Our in house equipment is capable of handling up to 25,000 lbs. (11,365 kgs) and a maximum of 192-inch radius (4876.8 mm). All our equipment is calibrated annually to the manufacturer specifications and is traceable through N.I.S.T. . If requested, we can supply calibration certificates. Other instrumentation available for vibration analysis are:

Balancing Capabilities

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