FanTactics work with many fan manufacturers supplying field supervision, or labour in the installation of new, retrofit, repair and upgrades of industrial fans all over the world.

Although our services are requested and can take us abroad, we feel there is no job too big or too small and we are eager to assist all that need our services.  Whether it be a phone consultation or a full hands on project, we are here to provide valuable information and assistance to all aspects of rotary equipment.

Dynamic Balance

A dynamic balance is the most common type of unbalance and is corrected in two-planes of correction and exists whenever static and couple unbalance are present, but where the static unbalance is not in direct line with either couple component (two opposing forces generated through offset mass).

Static Balance

A static balance or force unbalance is a condition of unbalance where the principle axis is displaced parallel to the rotating centerline of the work piece, and can be corrected by a single plane correction. Statically balanced components are more accurately balanced when they are ran up to speed, and a single plane balance performed on a balancing machine rather than performing the often used “Gravity Method” of balancing on rolling irons. In this situation, the unbalance will roll to the bottom and will be corrected either by adding the same amount of weight directly opposite the heavy spot, or making the heavy spot lighter by removing the weight. In this manner, the piece is worked on until it stops rotating at a different spot each time it is turned.


Some of the millwrighting services offered by FanTactics include:

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